MARVEL Duel – New mobile card game enters Closed Beta this month

MARVEL Entertainment and developer NetEase recently announced the next mobile game in their long-term collaboration, titled MARVEL Duel. A mobile card game at its core, MARVEL Duel is Free-to-Play and will launch its very first Closed Beta test (with data wipe) for Android and iOS devices in Thailand and Philippines on 19 March. The expansive Marvel universe comes to life on in MARVEL Duel, where all of the exciting elements of including super Heroes, super Villains, mysterious magic and legendary weapons merge into epic duels full of rich strategy and breathtaking 3D combat. Remember to sign up now!

Over 150 characters from the vast Marvel universe now gather in MARVEL Duel. Players can play as one of the five legendary Super Heroes – Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord, all featuring their own unique skills. In addition, MARVEL Duel features a free deck-building system full of unique characters from the 80 years of comics. Customize your own deck with different types of cards, characters, equipment, abilities, and traps, to complete your perfect deck! The advanced deck-building system offers players countless strategies to explore, as there are several paths to achieve victory.

Players can apply different Iron Man suits to deal with different situations, use a chain of trap cards to lure your enemy to their doom, or even cast powerful ability upon your opponent to seal their defeat. Play your way and forge your own path to victory! MARVEL Duel also features exhilarating 3D multiplayer combat and stunning in-game visuals.

Additionally, MARVEL Duel offers exquisite card design accompanied by unique, rendered 3D models. Marvel characters from across 80 years of comics will leap into battle with their amazing abilities and 3D combat effects! Finally, MARVEL Duel offers a platform for players of all skill levels to start their journey. A series of easy and fun tutorials will help players learn the mechanics from deck building to card introduction. As players continue, more in-game hints will instruct each dueler to keep honing their skills and developing strategies. With each game, every player will learn more and progressively become a better dueler.