A3: Still Alive – Quick look at starting PVE gameplay of new mobile MMORPG

Netmarble recently launched its new mobile MMORPG in South Korea, titled A3: Still Alive. If you did not already know, the game is based on a classic PC MMORPG known as A3, where the main focus is PVP (or rather PK). In this post, we will first take a look at the PVE aspect of A3: Still Alive before trying to dive into the main battle royale mode this coming weekend. Built using Unreal Engine 4, the graphics of A3: Still Alive is simply stunning with no complains from us. If you noted, there is no healing class as players do need to die.

The PVE content in A3: Still Alive is what one would expect, including a massive story campaign, instanced dungeons, party dungeons, costumes, pets (known as Soul Linkers) which provide real combat support and etc. No, there is no mount here. At least for now, there is no open-world PK unlike the original game which we encountered. This looks like a mobile MMORPG primed for overseas, but Netmarble still has Blade & Soul Revolution to get ready. We are guessing that A3: Still Alive is being prepared for a 2021 global launch.