Bless Mobile – More details for new mobile MMORPG revealed during livestream event

A media press conference was supposed to be held in South Korea today for the official introduction of Bless Mobile, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, JoyCity and developer ThinkFun held a livestream event instead. To start off the event, the key features of Bless Mobile were first introduced, and there are 5 of them. We have already covered a few of them in our previous articles, so do check them out. Seen below are the 5 features.

Unique character creation – Drag and move fingers to customize character looks

Strategic action combat – Strategic skills combination and classes team-up are essential in various situations

Combat controls – The team made sure that not all PVE/PVP modes can be passed simply through automated combat. Some tougher modes which require manual control include end-game raids and PVP

Various growth paths – ThinkFun claims that players do not have to just kill monsters to grow in the game. There are features such as exploration, challenges, abyss mode, and a few others for players to choose from in order to grow their characters

Open field real-time combat – Apparently all features and content take place in real-time

Ok, these “core features” might sound underwhelming, but at least JoyCity and ThinkFun did not boast the Unreal Engine 4 graphics like many other titles, which is getting kind of stale. Bless Mobile is currently optimized for iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here are some other key highlights of the game which were mentioned through the livestream.

No weapon and armor gacha – All weapons and armor in Bless Mobile are acquired through gameplay and can be upgraded to the highest tier, Legend. There is no destruction system as well if upgrades fail, so players do not need to worry about that.

Consignment system – Players can check via the consignment system on the market price of the loot they obtain. It is basically like an auction house since there is no 1-on-1 trades.

Developer maintained – Although JoyCity is the publisher and parent company of developer ThinkFun, Bless Mobile will be maintained by ThinkFun to allow quick changes and communications with the players.

Beginners’ Guild – All players join the same guild when starting out in the game until they reach level 30. This is an awesome way to introduce players to Bless Mobile and try out the various guild content, such as guild raids!

JoyCity and ThinkFun have huge ambitions for the guild function in Bless Mobile, and here are some of the features they are planning to implement in the mobile MMORPG.

● Official support for guilds both online and offline – ThinkFun is planning to build a guild event system where guild events can be held for free or for a small price. Not really sure how this will work, but stay tuned.

● Direct communication path with guild leaders – ThinkFun also plans to allow guild leaders to have a direct contact line to the development team to hear their concerns or reports.

● Unprecedented authority for guild leaders – Finally, ThinkFun plans to create a system where guild leaders receive various benefits, including the power to request the recovery of changed or lost items and allowing certain guild members to transfer items (I am guessing to other characters).

Here are some of the answers from JoyCity and ThinkFun based on questions from the local Korean gaming outlets.

● There is still gacha in Bless Mobile in the form of accessories. Mounts can also be purchased for a fixed price.

● There is no costume feature at launch, this is being prepared for a future update.

● Gender is fixed for each class, but it shouldn’t be an issue since the starting races and classes are very diversified.

● There are no plans to add VIP system, wings, or marriage feature.

● There is an offline system where players can claim some loot after going offline for a while.

● There is no open field player kill (PK) at the beginning areas, but this will be live in higher level regions.

● While players can defeat dungeons solo, it will be tough. Dungeon content is best to be entered in parties.

● Closed Beta takes place next week in South Korea for 4 days, and an official launch will then be decided based on feedback.