Devil May Cry Mobile – Developer gives new update on mobile action RPG

If you did not already know, there is a mobile game based on Capcom’s Devil May Cry in the works over in China. Currently being crafted by a little-known team known as Yunchang Game, the studio today released a new development blog post answering some questions from the community. It has been a few months since the Elite Test took place in Dec 2019, so we are here to translate the post. Read on for more info about Devil May Cry Mobile!

Note: Devil May Cry is still scheduled to launch in China only right now. Not the whole Q&A was translated. Thank you.

Q: Why did Yunchang Game chose the “tough” Devil May Cry IP to work on?

A: The whole team loves games, especially action games, in general. Devil May Cry is considered a classic in the genre charming fans to endlessly explore the game, the action, the moves, and the ultimate sense of achievement when dealing all the combos and seeing the grade given. Some of the devs are hardcore action fans, some are fans of Dante and Vergil, hence they were extremely excited to know they had a chance to work with the Devil May Cry IP. They hope that the final product will not disappoint fans.

Q: Yunchang Game is not a well-known developer, is it stressful to work on such a big IP?

A: Yunchang Game has actually been around for some time and have helped developed many online games, gaining much experience along the way. Of course, no matter how much experience they have, it is still a daunting task to work on Devil May Cry Mobile. They will convert stress into motivation, looking into all the smallest details to make the perfect game. After the organizing the first Elite Test, the team is now more confident in making a great and exquisite game.

Q: What are your real thoughts after reading through the comments from players who tried out Devil May Cry Mobile during the Elite Test?

A: Stressed, anxiety, and all sort of feelings. We immediately scoured our social channels for player feedback when the Elite Test started. We were happy with the encouragement given, and hope to have a long-lasting game in Devil May Cry Mobile.

Q: Will the system requirements change following feedback from the Elite Test?

A: We were satisfied with how Devil May Cry Mobile performed, but we will continue to optimized the game for more devices. The graphical fidelity in the Elite Test was not at its maximum capability as well.

Q: Which elements of the original Devil May Cry did the team replicate?

A: The team truly wish for players to experience the original Devil May Cry on mobile devices, hence we are working hard to replicate as many features as possible including character models, the action moves, and even the buildings. Moves such a double jump, weapon swapping etc will all be polished for Devil May Cry Mobile.

Q: What story is Devil May Cry Mobile based on?

A: The original story takes place between the “3rd and 1st generation” (we are guessing the first and third game?), something which we worked tirelessly with Capcom over many drafts and edits. We hope all players will enjoy the lore!

Q: How difficult is it to developer Devil May Cry for mobile devices?

A: To be honest, the difficulty is extremely high. Not only we must produce high definition visuals for the smaller screen, but we must allow gamers to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush during combat. We must also consider various touchscreen controls which is totally different from a game controller. But all the hardship is worth it as our team had a great experience developing Devil May Cry Mobile.

Q: Many fans thrashed how Dante looked when he was first revealed. Was he “fixed”?

A: Dante’s facial and body design will both be improved and optimized, so everyone can relax. Before the next test phase begin, we will have a new version of Dante ready to showcase. He will be continually be worked on to satisfy everyone.

Q: How is the progression like on Devil May Cry Mobile right now?

A: We last held the Elite Test on December 2019, and it was only a small part of the game. There are many new features, monsters, weapons, maps, and more to be added, along with improvements based on feedback from the first test.

Q: When can players expect the next test phase to be held?

A: We have yet to confirm a date, but we do implore fans to be patient and await new updates from the team.