Mega Man X DiVE – English version launch date announced for mobile action title

Capcom today announced that their latest mobile game, Mega Man X DiVE, will officially launch on 24 March (GMT +8). New content in the launch version include a maximum level cap of 60, new quest maps, and a new skill system (DiVE Trigger). With the number of global pre-registration reaching over 500,000, all players will obtain a powerful S-Rank weapon, Extraordinary Morta, upon entering the game. The development team at Capcom believes the launch version of Mega Man X DiVE is optimized to all gamers’ expectations.

New playable stages

In addition to classic maps such as Highway, Gallery and Factory, there will be new stages such as “Air Force” where players may fall to their demise at any moment; “Sky” with tall skycrapers as the setting and also “Floating Ruins”, a stage filled with mysteries to find.

New skill system – DiVE Trigger

Each players can only equip a maximum of 2 DiVE Trigger skills when entering the PVE stages of PVP matches. They each can only be activated once as they are too powerful to be used repeatedly. Use DiVE Trigger skills when in crisis and turn the tide of battle!

Bonus rewards for 500,000 pre-registrations

With the milestone achieved, not only do all players get the S-Rank weapon mentioned above, but also bonus items such as Gatling, Falcon Buster, ZX Saber, and 1,000 Elemental Metal (cash currency). Those who pre-registered with their email accounts will obtain the exclusive character, Alia! You can still pre-register now before the official launch begins!