Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – Debut game trailer revealed for upcoming mobile platformer

As an avid gaming fan, I am still seething at the nasty treatment Konami gave Hideo Kojima when they forced him out of the company. Still, the Japanese developer holds some rather popular franchises, such as Castlevania. Currently at Tokyo Game Show, Konami revealed a new trailer for the mobile game, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, first revealed back in April 2018. The story goes that Genya Arikado (official English name), a shadow within the Japanese government, received a warning that the “grimoires have awakened” and thus foreshadowing the rebirth of Dracula after many years of peace and prosperity.

As the main narrator, Genya Arikado sets forth to investigate. However, there is an official screenshot provided by Konami which potentially leaked a storyline. In it, the supposed assistant of Genya Arikado, Lucy, addresses him as Alucard… I could guess that Genya Arikado is really Dracula’s descendant who is protecting humanity from his revival. Similar to the original Castlevania games, players can expect traps, secrets, and insane boss fights. And there is online PVP added now! There is no launch date, so stay tuned for info.