GigaBash – Kaiju-inspired arena brawler by Malaysian studio spotted at Tokyo Game Show

There aren’t many PC games getting the spotlight over at Tokyo Game Show, and imagine my surprise I found a gem while going through the daily reports from the Japanese media. This is GigaBash, developed by new Malaysia-based studio Passion Republic Games. According to the official description, GigaBash is an arena brawler featuring giant monsters (and heroes) battling it out in exotic places around the world. 4 players control unique giants inspired by classic monsters and cause mayhem in various destructible arenas. GigaBash is currently scheduled for launch in late 2020, which is still quite some time away.

While local co-op was mentioned, this usually works for consoles and I am not sure if GigaBash supports online matchmaking for the PC version. The story happens after many years since heroes have eradicated all giant monsters, when suddenly a mysterious force awakens ancient monsters around the world, and they’re out to wreak havoc! Play as different monsters and discover the secret of their origins, wage battles against friends (up to four players), or go on a rampage, smashing up everything in a war against the clock!

Key features of GigaBash:

Become S-Class

Gain Giga Points as you fight and evolve to be a towering S-Class monster once its full!

Destroy everything, use anything!

Use the environment to your advantage, throw each other into buildings, or throw buildings into each other, your choice!

Couch Play

Duke it out with up to 3 friends in a single screen, trash talks, gang-ups, and surprise come backs ensues!