Rockman X DiVE – Quick journey through Closed Beta 1 test phase

I finally had some time to join in the Closed Beta 1 phase of Rockman X DiVE yesterday, and truth to be told, I wasn’t thrilled as I was smashed hard in the Mega Man X games in my younger days. Still, I went into Rockman X DiVE with a positive mindset. As this is just Closed Beta 1, I shall not be too harsh on the game. The pros include many returning characters, a bevy of weapons to equip, and maps based on the older Rockman games. I have a few cons to talk about as well, which will be explained briefly below after the video!

So, the secondary complaint I have with the current version of Rockman X DiVE is the game closing regularly or getting stuck at loading, which is fair for a Closed Beta test. The primary issue I have is with the controls. To put it simply, there is no easy way to activate the 2 character-unique skills while in the heat of battle, no matter if you are playing the game on a mobile device or using a PC emulator. It is challenging to hit each control effectively during combat, especially for the right hand where actions and skills are located.

I do know that there are games such as Contra with the same positioning, and veteran mobile gamers have no issues, but for the majority I could see the whole control scheme being a deal-breaker. Unlike console controllers, there are no R1 or R2 buttons to utilize the other finger. This is my concern for Rockman X DiVE to reach out to a larger audience, and by no means indicating that the game is bad. I had an enjoyable and challenging time with the game, and will certainly return when issues such as connections and bugs are fixed.