Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – Konami unveils new 2D action mobile game

While we try to avoid posting news about Konami after how it treated the Metal Gear franchise, we felt we should post something about the latest entry in the similarly iconic Castlevania series. Titled Grimoire of Souls, the world remained peaceful after the death of Count Dracula, but peace does not last long as one day, our main character Aruma Genta received a mysterious letter claiming “the grimoire has lost control, Dracula is reviving.”

And thus, with his trusty sidekick whom actually helps out in battle, Lucy, he went to investigate. Just for your info, Aruma Genta is officially described as a mysterious guy who works in a mysterious department in the Japanese government, while Lucy is a researcher under him. As seen in the image above, there are several other characters introduced, and the screenshots show that they will be playable in the story campaign mode. Awesome!

New to the familiar 2D action platform combat which Castlevania fans have been used to, there is now an option to switch between another pre-selected character, meaning the game is using a tag-team system. There seems to be a new multiplayer 4 vs 4 PVP battle mode, along with multiplayer co-op boss raids with a party of 4 players as well! Signup for the Closed Beta phase is now ongoing in Japan, although it is limited to just iOS users.