MapleStory 2 – Nexon America opens website for sequel to classic MMORPG

[Game website] MapleStory 2 has not been doing very well in South Korea and even China, and there were concerns that plans for a Western launch might be cancelled. However, new content has always been regularly added in the Asian servers over the years, and recently the English website for MapleStory 2 was revealed by Nexon America, signalling the game’s launch later this year. Will the picky Western audience react more positively to this sequel?

Yes, there is IP block implemented. If you are from Asia, your country might most probably be blocked from accessing this English version under Nexon America, especially Southeast Asia. A little bird has told us many months ago that Garena’s publishing rights for MapleStory 2 SEA has not expired, and there is no news if the company plans on launching the game. Once again, this is just a rumor, so please take it with a pinch of salt.

As mentioned in my various MapleStory 2 articles from before, MapleStory 2 is no longer a 2D side-scroll MMORPG, but one with 3D graphics and features from Minecraft with a block-based world. There are tons of events and fun mini-games other than the serious PVE raids and PVP battles, and a key feature is the ability to build your own player home (and create new costumes)! Classic features such as mounts, a ridiculous amount of cosmetic items, and more awaits everyone. Did we mention there are awesome classes like Rune Blader?