Rebellious Million Arthur – Quick look at starting gameplay of new mobile MMORPG

Co-developed by NetEase and Square Enix, Rebellious Million Arthur (also known as Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur) is a new mobile MMORPG which launched last week in China. This genre is vastly different from the other Million Arthur games, which are literally card-based RPG titles. In Rebellious Million Arthur, the various rarity of cards are used to fill up 1 normal attack slot and 4 skill slots. As expected, they are primarily obtained from gacha.

There are 6 characters to choose from at the beginning (based on weapons), and we went for the cute little girl who looks like Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Alchemist Arthur. As it turns out, she is the main healer class of the game! Similar to other mobile and even PC MMORPG titles, you can expect Rebellious Million Arthur to have a huge open world, PVE dungeons, boss raids, PVP arena, story quests, guild functions, costumes, and more!

While the previous Million Arthur games did no find success in the English market, Rebellious Million Arthur is a totally different beast compared to them. With the rise of mobile MMORPG titles such as Lineage 2: Revolution, perhaps NetEase should take a chance at re-establishing the franchise name in the Western market. But for now, Rebellious Million Arthur is only set to launch in Japan next under Square Enix’s banner.