Onmyoji: Yokai House – Brief tour of Closed Beta starting gameplay

Onmyoji is a mobile game developed by China’s no.2 games company, NetEase, before arriving on PC through the Steam platform. Based on characters from eastern myths and legends, the Onmyoji found huge success in China, while also gathering a sizable fan base in the global market. NetEase previously announced plans to expand the Onmyoji IP, with Onmyoji Arena following and now, Onmyoji: Yokia House (unofficial translation). The 3rd game in the budding franchise, we took a quick spin in the recent Closed Beta test version.

Essentially, the main features of Onmyoji: Yokia House are broken down into 4 parts: Collecting and training Yokai characters, decorate the home base with items, take part in the story campaigns, and interact with many players. Core combat takes place using a snooker-like system, and I can’t remember when was the last time such a game found success anywhere. Luckily, Onmyoji: Yokia House has the other features to carry it. There is currently no announcement for a western launch, but stay tuned for more updates!