Ode to Heroes – Quick look at unique idle mobile game with iconic eastern heroes

The market for mobile idle games is pretty hot right now, with many titles being launched in this genre catering the busy working gamers. A more recent addition is Ode to Heroes, available on Google Play and App Store. A major key different between Ode to Heroes and others is the major oriental fantasy influence, with historical characters such as Guan Yu and Li Bai able to be summoned. In Ode to Heroes, it is up to players to adventure through history and repair the disordered timeline with teams of powerful historic heroes!

Ode to Heroes download

Rather than just posting an article about Ode to Heroes, we took the time to play the game throughout a few days. I mean, how tough could an idle game be? Other than the bevy of familiar characters (I am Chinese), there are enough game features to keep players glued for about an hour each day. I would recommend players to check back every few hours to collect the idle loot and upgrade the equipment. Overall, Ode to Heroes might feel similar to others in the genre, but the eastern fantasy setting is definitely a breath fresh air.

Casual and easy idle gameplay

While some players might not like the idea of idle games, let’s face it, not everyone has the time to sit down for a couple of hours and play games manually. Idle titles such as Ode to Heroes allow everyone to spend a short amount of time daily to check the team’s progress. This could be done anytime and anywhere on the mobile device. Convenience at its best!

Summon from over 200 classic eastern heroes

Players can meet various eastern characters or heroes in the game, including the warriors from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, to poets such as Li Bai (李白) and Mozi (墨子). In fact, one of the most elusive characters in the game is none other than Damo (达摩), the founder of Buddhism! To our delight, we did summon other powerful characters such as Cao Cao and Wu Zetian (first female emperor of China). These characters are all classified under 5 different classes, which you can see below, and also 6 different factions/ elements.

Strategic gameplay elements

Despite being largely an automated game due to being an idle title, there are still strategic points that players can control in Ode to Heroes. For example, the 6 factions (or elements) includes the classic weakness and strength system, such as fire characters being weak against water characters and so on. Before each battle, no matter PVP or PVE, you can actually see the faction combination of the opponent. This gives players a chance to select the appropriate heroes before entering a battle. Take your time to form your game plan!

Various PVE and PVP game modes

As a mobile RPG title, players can expect a bevy of different game modes to obtain items and equipment. Other than the main story campaign, there is the Secret Realm (PVE), Martial Meeting (1 vs 1 PVP), Valor Contest (cross-server PVP), Noticeboard Quests (PVE), Government Challenges (PVE), and the classic unlimited Sky Tower (PVE). As mentioned previously, all these features should set players back by just about 1 hour on a daily basis.

Upgrade equipment for more powerful versions

Rather than worrying about getting powerful drops to equip characters with, the system in Ode to Heroes allows players to merge similar equipment and advance to a more powerful one. Do be warned though, merging excessively might leave some of your characters with weaker equipment or at worst naked, so plan strategically when to use this system!

Other features we missed

Due to time limitation and some other factors, we were not able to showcase all features in Ode to Heroes. A few key ones we missed include Mythical Pet, Guild Boss, and team PVP. I guess it is for the best, as you can try these features out for yourselves in the game!

Roadmap of unlockable game systems

Being an idle game, Ode to Heroes pack a slew of features which will definitely keep players occupied. However, most of them are gradually unlocked as players grow stronger with their teams. Seen below is a progressive roadmap on when a system unlocks, pretty much similar to having an in-game content update whenever the required level is met.