Evangelion Battlefields – Preview of upcoming mobile game based on classic IP

With a huge focus on console games over at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which is pretty much the norm every year, it is our goal to dig out some of the hidden multiplayer games being showcased. One such game is Evangelion Battlefields, which has limited coverage since the press conference took place at a hotel nearby, and the booth at Tokyo Game Show needing VIP passes. Evangelion Battlefields is an upcoming mobile game developed by the “Evangelion Battlefields Production Committee,” consisting of employees from toys and games companies such as Mobcast Games, Takara Tomy Arts, Asmik Ace, and Jumo.

During the press conference, not much of the actual game features were introduced, although a key point is that Evangelion Battlefield is aiming to fuse mobile games with gaming toys, similar in a way of amiibo figures with Nintendo devices. A prototype was shown on stage in the form of an Evangelion unit’s bust. There are apparently ID chips installed to scan fingers, providing in-game units with buffs. Personally, I am not down with this type of add-on product for mobile games, but we shall see if it really catches on later.

For the game itself, players will be able to see tidbits of content which is linked to the upcoming movie, Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version, scheduled for the big screen on June 20 in Japan. Currently, there is no launch date announced for Evangelion Battlefields yet, and I wouldn’t bet on the game having an overseas launch, since almost all mobile games based on Evangelion stays in Japan. Stay tuned for more news from Tokyo Game Show!