Yokai: Spirits Hunt – Global pre-registration begins for unique ink art mobile RPG

Taiwanese publisher Cube Magic recently announced the global pre-registration phase for its mobile RPG, Yokai: Spirits Hunt. The mystical game takes inspiration from traditional ink paintings and transforms the characters based on Chinese mythology into a collectible card game infused with the elements of RPG gameplay. With a combination of compelling stories and various immortal spirits, also known as Yokai, players will follow the protagonist as they explore the unknown world of immortals searching for the Legendary Scroll of Taoism.

Update: We gave the Taiwan server 妖怪正傳 a quick spin!


Summon and dispatch Yokai in exquisite battles

Yokai: Spirits Hunt is not just about collecting cool-looking Yokai cards! One core feature of the game would be its turn-based strategy and PVP battles. Via summoning, players have high chances to collect powerful and distinct Yokai to create strategic party combinations of different immortal races, attributes, and skills. With quick tap controls, players can come up with strategic attack moves and secure victory!

Original manga style & intriguing stories to be unlocked

In the land of myth and a time where evil spirits roam the mortal realm, the destiny of the sacred Legendary Scroll lies on the shoulders of a young Taoist Master, Jiang Zhuo Yue. Yokai: Spirits Hunt narrates the main story in manga style, entering the Yokai-invaded world from the first-person perspective of the protagonist. Why has his senpai become the target of the Demon Masters? Is that little fox glutton the conspirator all these time?

Fantastic adventure into the world of Chinese ink landscape paintings

With a lantern, the Legendary Scroll, and a myrtle sword, young Taoist Master Jiang Zhuo Yue sets foot on an adventure in the world of Yokai: Spirits Hunt. Everything seems so bizarre to him. Players could freely explore different stages, which are also one of the most anticipated features of this game. Mystery awaits within this huge map waiting to be unraveled, including secret gifts, super boss encounters, or unique Yokai hiding nearby…