The King of Fighters for Girls – SNK reveals first trailer for mobile game aimed at females

For some unknown reason(s), the venerable SNK decided to partner up with Japanese studio Victor Entertainment Games to develop The King of Fighters for Girls, a mobile game targeting… well, the female gamer audience. In the game, players will assume to role of a teenage girl who has lost her place of living and previous job. She has now taken the job of a Training Facility Administrator, where she will meet Kyo Kusanagi and her love stories with various characters from The King of Fighters begin. We swear this is the official story!

Set to launch this summer in Japan, we aren’t sure how combat (if any) will work in The King of Fighters for Girls since there are no combat screenshots yet. However, we do know the different teams available in the game, as seen below, with a total of 23 characters. Each of the characters will be voice individually by different voice actors or actresses.

The key feature of the game is making decisions to improve the friendship and bonds with the male characters and eventually build a harem… no no eventually find true love. We are pretty sure that The King of Fighters for Girls will not launch outside of Asia since there aren’t many of such games which find success. It is a different market in Japan though!