Saint Seiya: Awakening – Masami Kurumada collaborates on mobile masterpiece with Yoozoo Games and Tencent

Leading game developer and publisher YOOZOO Games are working on Saint Seiya: Awakening alongside developer Tencent and with Masami Kurumada, Japanese manga artist and writer — mostly known for his work on fighting manga; featuring bishonen and magical boy and founder of the manga studio Kurumada Productions).


Check out the Saint Seya: Awakening trailer here. Find the game on the official website, or with Google Play and iOS. Get the latest news and updates on the Facebook page. Do note that this is for the Southeast Asia server of the game.

Saint Seiya: Awakening looks to recreate the classic Japanese comic featuring mystical warriors known as ‘Saints’ — empowered by a curious energy force called ‘Cosmo’. Combining beautiful high definition 3D graphics with some very cool combat effects and boasting a fantastic line-up of top Japanese character voice-artists from Jun Fukuyama (voice of Lelouch in Code Geass) to Yuki Kaji (Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan), Saint Seiya: Awakening is set to offer mobile gamers a unique audio-visual experience.

The game design and art style remains incredibly faithful to Kurumada’s original work; with characters and their respective skills all based on the original animation. The authenticity doesn’t end there as players can actually play through the original story of Saint Seiya, reliving their favorite moments. While elsewhere there are both PvP and PvE modes to keep even the most demanding fans happy. With a roster of hundreds of fighters to choose from, players will have the freedom to create a unique team with a tailored strategy.

Within the carefully-scripted RPG structure there is also a diverse and well-balanced card game, offering a compelling mechanic for strategic decisions and the different skill combinations used during combat.

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