Lost Ark – New continent arrives next week for Episode 2 update

Since launching earlier this year in South Korea, Lost Ark has received regular patches and content updates from developer Smilegate. Next week, the biggest update yet is set to arrive in the form of Episode 2: The Great Pioneer. The main highlight is the new continent of Yon, which is made up of huge underground cities filled with molten lava and newly-designed dungeons for players to explore. The native race in Yon is the Dwarf, and similar to most MMORPG titles they are excellent blacksmiths and craftsmen. We have listed some other additions coming to Lost Ark in our previous article which you can read about here.

The boss raid for Episode 2 is known as “Antares’ Nightmare” against a demonic foe known as Antares. Similar to the other high-level dungeons, 8 players will have to work together and activate mechanisms to achieve victory. The other new boss is found on “Butterfly Island”, and she is said to be the most powerful open-world boss in Lost Ark. There is also a new island dungeon filled with robots! Episode 2 is where the powerful Tier 3 gears can be obtained. Lost Ark is preparing for Russia and China, with no news on the English server.