Yokai: Spirits Hunt – Quick look at the Taiwan server of upcoming global mobile RPG

A few days back, we posted about the global pre-registration phase for an upcoming mobile RPG, Yokai: Spirits Hunt. Due to the game’s unique Chinese ink art design and the fact it is using a fantasy oriental theme, there have been requests received to take a look at the Taiwan server, 妖怪正傳. We were interested in the game as well, hence decided to take a quick look. We will just talk about the core aspects of 妖怪正傳, and leave the rest for you to explore in the English version. Note that the global server might differ in some aspects.



• Battle takes place on a 6 x 6 grid battlefield.

• Each character has his or her own range of movement and combat distance, depending on ranged or melee combat.

• The automated combat system is not reliable and we feel that it can only be used for lower level maps. The system does not optimize team combos, so it is a suicidal move to rely on it all the time.

• The key to victory is to make sure as many characters chain together to unleash team combo, as seen in the screenshots below. Each character has his or her own conditions to be linked up, so players have to plan before each match begins on how to move them quickly to the optimal positions.


• Surprise, this is a gacha game. To be honest, we are surprised when our first 5x summon nabbed us a SSR character. We aren’t sure if this is something everyone gets, but we are satisfied nonetheless. Note: We got the 5x summon via the purchase of a month bundle.

• Seen below are the gacha rates for the Taiwan server. The last sentence says that the rates for selected characters will double during 2x events.

• During the time we tried the game, there were several gacha events ongoing, each based on different selected character from each of the 5 races (similar to element, weakness and strengths applies during combat).

• It seems the accumulative gacha system is quite popular in most gacha games these days. Here, each roll where player does not get a SSR character will give 1 UP point. The higher the points, the higher chance there is for a SSR character to appear. The UP points reset to zero when a SSR is obtained. There is also a free normal daily summon as well.