Eastward Legend: The Empyrean – Classic Chinese wuxia MMORPG debuts on mobile

While we are not sure how many China companies were over at E3 2019, we were certainly surprised to know that Seasun Games was there showcasing its latest Chinese mobile MMORPG. The company, known as 西山居 in China, is a highly-respected developer in the country and made high-quality fantasy wuxia games for the PC. The mobile MMORPG at E3 2019 had an English name, titled Eastward Legend: The Empyrean, which launched in China this past week published by Tencent Games. As we are still wondering if Seasun Games is aiming to bring the game to the west, we decided to take a quick 2 hours spin.

Faithful to the game’s original PC version, Eastward Legend: The Empyrean delivers a vast and immersive MMO experience on the mobile platform. There are 5 different schools, each with 4 playable characters, but 3 of them need to be unlocked via in-game achievements. These “extra” characters are much more powerful, and can be switched any time in-game once unlocked. Each school has its own strengths and weaknesses, where some are better in dealing damage, some are stronger in survival, some have control skills, and some unmatched in mobility. Overall, there ought to be a school suitable for all kinds of players.

The environment of Eastward Legend: The Empyrean envelops players in beautifully rendered graphics inspired by traditional Chinese brush-style artwork and music befitting of the striking surroundings. Players will have much to explore in Eastward Legend: The Empyrean with 80 hand-painted maps as well as the cerebral and ethereal “Mind Mode”. Toggling “Mind Mode” will suspend players in a world that exists outside time and space. Players will be able to explore the oriental fantasy world and reach into moments of the past, discover hidden treasures, as well as hints of the past and future from hidden NPCs.

Since we only did a quick run, we did not have time to look deeper into some gameplay modes such as 3 vs 3 PVP. For the open world maps, we were typically sent into battles together with other players in the vicinity. Sometimes, the boss monster would already be critically injured, hence clearing quests might seem too easy. We have yet to encounter the need to be in a party, but perhaps the party dungeons open up when we hit the max level of 30 (which we did at the end). We do not know if Seasun Games has plans to localize Eastward Legend: The Empyrean, but as wuxia fans we think this is an incredible game.

Note: Parts of this article are provided by the press release announcing Seasun Games at E3 2019 showcasing Eastward Legend: The Empyrean at Booth #533 in the South Hall.