Project:SU – New Unreal Engine 4 mobile game announced at GDC 2019

Epic Games and China studio Loong Entertainment today announced a new mobile game entitled Project:SU at Games Developer Conference (GDC) 2019. Scheduled to launch later this year, Project:SU is co-developed by both companies using Unreal Engine 4 and incorporates advanced technologies like global illumination, dynamic lighting, bloom, GPU particle effects and PBR rendering. These advancements greatly enhance the game’s graphic quality and approximate that of AAA PC games. Project:SU also features an open world and freedom of movement. The game will be published in China by Tencent Games.

Adapted from a popular best-selling Chinese novel, Project:SU is a story about an endless war between humans, half-bloods and Dragons. Blending Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures with fantastical elements, the game offers a hybrid environment of magic and realism for players to explore. Be it indulging their passions and blowing off steam in this contemporary cosmopolitan setting at nightclubs and bars or building their own vehicles and joining in a pulse-pounding auto race, Project:SU offers a mind-blowing experience.

Project:SU’s highly free-form sand box gameplay is on display at GDC 2019 and it has earned much acclaim from attendees. This type of advanced gameplay that often appears in AAA games but rarely in mobile games has been achieved in Project:SU. The game creates a realistic social ecology in which each NPC has a different identity and is highly intelligent so they respond in a personalized way to each player. Players can provoke or build an emotional connection with NPCs through various behaviors, and NPCs also help players to create distinct strategies and tactics when fighting, adventuring and exploring.

As seen in the trailer, Project:SU features a high quality of character modeling, clothing texture and landscape details. The game also supports a climate system which can stimulate real world weather conditions and day to night cycle. Project:SU’s gorgeous art design and scenes are rendered with realistic light, shadow and texture performance and the in-game lighting mimics real-world color temperature and lighting. The global illumination technology allows for a huge amount of selection of lighting and shadow; through the dynamic light module, surrounding illumination changes according to different terrains, creating effects that are very close to real life. Stay tuned for more updates!