Disney Twisted-Wonderland – First game details revealed for upcoming mobile game

Early last month, publisher Aniplex (Fate/Grand Order) revealed it is working with Disney Japan on a new mobile game titled “Disney Twisted-Wonderland”. The game was formerly announced yesterday at convention known as AnimeJapan 2019, though only a snippet of new details were provided. We still have no actual gameplay screenshots nor trailers, but the points below should provide some clue. More info will be given by Aniplex next week!

• In the game, players assume the role of a “hero” who has been guided by a magical mirror and summoned to another world known as “Twisted-Wonderland”.

• Players will find themselves enrolled in a “prestigious magic training school” known as Night Raven College.

• While being a student there, players will apparently be aided by the mysterious masked headmaster to find a way to return home.

• However, the school is filled with rich delinquents who are out to make trouble and thwart players’ plans!

• Somewhat similar to Hogwarts from Harry Potter, Night Raven College is divided into 7 different dormitories.

• The first dormitory revealed is “Heartslabyul”, based on the cards army found in Alice in Wonderland.

• It was not stated if players will get to choose to join 1 of the 7 dormitories.

• The mysterious character which was seen waking up from a coffin in the teaser artwork is named “マレウス・ドラコニア”, or translated as “Maleus・Draconia”. Nothing is known about him yet.