Disney Twisted-Wonderland – Aniplex and Disney teases new mobile game

Aniplex, the publisher of Fate/Grand Order, and The Walt Disney Company(Japan)recently announced a new mobile game titled Disney Twisted-Wonderland. Not much details were disclosed in this teaser announcement, and the game will get a full reveal on 23 March at the AnimeJapan 2019 convention. The tagline, “Welcome to the Villains’ world”, might hint at the villains of all Disney stories taking center-stage. However, it could also mean players will get to battle all of them in an epic RPG adventure. Stay tuned for the latest updates!


  1. It’s truly unfortunate that so many beautiful and interesting things are being made to be enjoyed on lame mobiles. The real fun and full appreciation of those artisits’ hard work’s only through big screens.

    • A good mobile game features cross-platform play. It’s a win-win situation: PC players can experience the game’s content in it’s full glory and mobile gamer’s won’t miss out when they’re away from home. Unfortunately, most mobile games these days are nothing more than a quick cash grab, saturated with microtransactions and gacha.

    • The world is moving to mobile. Mobile has already overtook Desktop in online population, so it’s just natural. What Anon said is true, the best games should be cross-platform anyway.


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