Project E – Tencent Games previews “flagship” mobile game for 2019

ChinaJoy 2018 is ongoing in Shanghai, so expect more posts about mobile games over the next few days. Publisher Tencent Games, together with representatives from developer Loong Entertainment and Epic Games, teased Project E over at the event as a “flagship” mobile game for 2019. Project E is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and with the big shots from 3 different major companies swooning over a mobile game, there are some high expectations. The trailer displays various technical features which are utilized in the game.

While I am not a really technical person, some of these features include a real-time weather change system, dynamic lighting, “real” skin textures with reflections, inverse kinematics (IK) animation (involving joint movement), and more. Loong Entertainment was founded as an internal team in 1997 under Perfect World China, and made games including Perfect World, Jade Dynasty, and Forsaken World Mobile. It branched out as an independent studio back in 2014, and has developed over 10 successful games in China since then.