Moonlight Blade Mobile – Tencent Games reveals new trailer for mobile MMORPG

Despite being confirmed months ago with teasers, Tencent Games recently revealed the first official full trailer for Moonlight Blade Mobile. Developed by the same team who made the PC version, Moonlight Blade Online, this mobile MMORPG will feature a massive oriental wuxia world with faction battles, miracle encounters, relationship system with NPC characters, and many more features. A smooth yet realistic battle experience is also one of the few goals.

Tencent Games did not announce a Closed Beta thus far despite showcasing the game at ChinaJoy 208, which is ongoing now in Shanghai. The PC MMORPG only made it to China and South Korea (under Nexon), which we guess are mainly due to the localization effort needed for over 2 million text and the wuxia genre not bring too popular (in terms of profits) in the western continents. Hopefully we will see Moonlight Blade Mobile launched worldwide!