Blade & Soul Revolution – Netmarble reveals English logo for upcoming mobile MMORPG

Epic Games has been in the news recently due to Epic Games Store, but the company behind Fortnite has more to announced during its “State of Unreal” keynote yesterday at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019. Netmarble US president Simon Sim took the stage to discuss how he and his team leveraged the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 for the creation of the popular mobile MMO Lineage 2: Revolution – and how this led Netmarble to double-down on their core strengths with the development of Blade & Soul Revolution. At the same time, the official English logo for Blade & Soul Revolution was revealed as well.

In case you missed out on our previous coverage on Blade & Soul Revolution, here are a couple of trailers in from the Korean version. The mobile MMORPG is well-equipped with features players will find in traditional PC MMORPG titles, including PVE, PVP, classes from the original Blade & Soul PC game, costumes, flying and many more. It will be a spectacle!

Mr Simon Sim showcased how Unreal Engine 4 was used to further enhance Blade & Soul Revolution’s visual fidelity, in-game performance, and how this lead to the game becoming the top #1 & #2 grossing game on iOS and Google Play in South Korea. Netmarble is also working to expand its service for Blade & Soul Revolution into other territories, notably other parts of Asia and in the West. There was no scheduled date announced, so stay tuned for updates! To cap off the keynote, Epic Games showcased 2 real-time demonstrations highlighting the stunning new visuals achievable with the latest Unreal Engine update.