Stadia – Top Google executive previews internet speed required for game streaming platform

Stadia has been all over the news since its announcement by Google over at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019. A games streaming platform with no requirements to download game clients or rely on expensive hardware, there were actually more questions than answers after the keynote. Phil Harrison, VP and general manager at Google and the face of the Stadia initiative, not only confirmed with that there will never be a Stadia console, but also the internet speeds required from the side of users.

Do note that the speeds are not officially confirmed, and there is still time for optimization before Stadia launches for the western market later this year. Connections will also be linked to the local Google data centers, not just the ones in USA. 30mbps should not be a major hurdle for most advanced countries and cities, but it would be an issue in many parts of Asia. If you missed the Stadia keynote, do spend an hour watching the video below!