Soul Ark – Asiasoft announces new 2D mobile RPG for Singapore and Malaysia

First announced back in July 2016, the English version of Soul Ark is set to launch soon in Singapore and Malaysia! Set to be published by Playpark (under Asiasoft), the characters and storyline of Soul Ark are designed by Lee Myung-jin, the original artist of the immensely popular Ragnarok manhwa. The manhwa is also the source material for the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. Players who pre-register will get bonus items during launch!

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Soul Ark is a sci-fi fantasy, turn-based mobile RPG developed by South Korean studio Bluestone Soft using Spine 2D technology, which gives all the 2D designs a silky-smooth 3D feel and look. The story of Soul Ark is about a raging war for power against a mysterious race from an unknown world, causing worlds to collapse. It is now time for players to stand up, gather their team of heroes, and battle against the cybernetic legion!

The highlight features of Soul Ark include:

1. Skill combinations: Rule the battlefield by combining different hero skills to deal more damage and defeat opponents efficiently. Make good use of your resources!

2. Playground-style town: An open area where players meet up and join events. Players can also find materials around the town to craft buff items by hunting, fishing, drilling etc.

3. Immersive 2D graphics: Powered by Spine 2D technology, the 2D characters and monsters will all come to live, similar to 3D models!

4. Art and storyline by Lee Myung-jin: The creator of Ragnarok puts his design and storytelling talent to work in this one-of-a-kind mobile RPG!

5. Online battles: PVP with other players in the Battle Arena or team up with friends in real-time to take down massive raid bosses. Amazing loot awaits!