Soul Ark – New mobile RPG revealed with Ragnarok creator involved

This week, a new South Korean mobile game titled Soul Ark took the media by surprised due to a certain big name attached to the project. Developed by a small studio named Bluestone Soft, Soul Ark’s art direction is apparently led by Lee Myung-jin, the artist of the Ragnarok manhwa (Korean term for manga). If you somehow did not know, Ragnarok was made into an online game which exploded in popularity worldwide even till this day.

According to reports, Lee Myung-jin stopped drawing back in 2007 (rumors claimed he earned enough from Ragnarok’s royalty payments). Back to Soul Ark, you can see from the trailer above it is a full 2D mobile game, filled with colorful characters, bosses, and maps. A technology known as “Spine 2D” makes part of the game look 3D. Hopefully, more details about Soul Ark will be revealed when G-Star 2016 nears. Stay tuned for more updates!