Naruto Online – Official browser game launches in English this month

[Game website] I truly wouldn’t have thought that Naruto Online will be localized for the English gamers. Naruto Online is a browser game which first appeared in China under Tencent Game, and publisher Oasis Games (subsidiary of an unknown China company) announced its launch on 20 July. I played Naruto Online back in 2014, and recorded a couple of gameplay videos which you can view.

Naruto Online

Basically, Naruto Online is a turn-based browser game, with players able to recruit from the many ninjas found in the popular manga and anime series, along with their iconic moves. If you are still suspicious, the Facebook fan page for Naruto Online is recognized by Facebook with a “blue tick”. With tons of non-licensed Naruto games out there, it is better to spend money on official games.

Naruto Online official image