Priston Tale – Masangsoft reveals new Martial Artist class for classic MMORPG

Priston Tale is one of the most classic online games ever in South Korea, having started operations in 2002 under developer Yedang Online. These days, Priston Tale is still up and running under the care of classic-games specialist, Masangsoft. It recently announced a brand new Tempskron class, Martial Artist, scheduled to launch on 29 March. Having trained hard using her hands and feet, the Martial Artist is a living weapon, with no need to equip other items. Unfortunately, we do not have images or videos of this class in action.

While Suba Games is technically still running the English version of Priston Tale, it seems there has been no updates since August last year. Since we last played, Masangsoft has also added other new classes such as Shaman (Morion) and Assassin (Tempskron).

Update: A new game update was just dropped by Suba Games for Priston Tale. Talk about coincidental timing!