Battle Carnival – Closed Beta registration is now live for colorful new MMOFPS

[Beta registration] First launched in Russia back in 2016 and a few other regions in 2017, developer Zepetto is finally ready to bring its latest character-based online shooter, Battle Carnival, to a bigger stage. The studio behind Point Blank recently launched Closed Beta registration for Battle Carnival, along with a new Steam page. Successful applicants will receive a Steam key for the colorful MMOFPS, with Closed Beta from 30 March to 1 April.

Touted as a “non-P2W” Free-to-Play online shooter, each character in Battle Carnival has many different skills for different situations, though still demands extensive team-play cooperation as their killer moves can deal even more damage against the enemies when coordinated with teammates’ actions. To boost gaming experience, Battle Carnival boasts a spectator mode and social community services based on past operational experiences.


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