Warframe – Popular sci-fi MMORPG celebrates its 5th anniversary

[Play free now] Independent Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes is celebrating the 5th year of evolution and growth for its popular Free-to-Play, cooperative online action game Warframe starting today! Digital Extremes will launch a microsite (to go live by 15 March, Thursday) to celebrate all things Warframe. Through this microsite, fans and players of Warframe can discussing their favorite moments, watching new videos, buying cool commemorative gear, and maybe even unearth some free in-game items!

Regularly appearing in the top 10 most actively played games on Steam, Warframe humbly launched its Open Beta program on PC March 21, 2013. Since that date, Warframe has earned 38,083,936 million registered users across PC and consoles. In that half decade, Warframe has won numerous game-of-the-year awards, including last year’s 2017 Steam Labor of Love Award, held two TennoCon conferences, launched its first open-world expansion (Plains of Eidolon), and received over 22 significant game updates. Holy moly!

And in that time Warframe players have done extraordinary things. They have crafted 52,972,344 Warframes and 234,766,197 weapons. The have assassinated Captain Vor, the game’s first boss, 53,117,969 times, and been part of 41,765,109 Stalker eliminations. And they have accumulated a total of 136,747 years, 49,912,765 days, 1,197,906,351 hours playing Warframe. Major new content is set to be revealed at the third annual TennoCon this July, held in London Ontario, Canada! The event will also be streamed live on Twitch.