TERA – Male Brawler class is now live with Counterpunch update

[Play free now] First announced a couple of weeks ago, the Counterpunch content update is now live for the PC version of TERA! The main feature introduced in this update is the new male Brawler class, which was previously exclusive to the female characters. With a full set of unique animations, players can now use the male Brawler’s signature massive power fists and punch-and-counter combat rhythm to go the distance regardless of gender!

The Counterpunch update also brings back the popular Ruinous Manor dungeon, a fever-dream version of Lilith’s Keep, in both normal and hard difficulty modes. The dungeon has been re-balanced and improved for the current levels of gear in the game after a short hiatus away from TERA. Fans of hardcore PVP are definitely not left out in this update and are now able to battle for a top spot on the newly introduced battleground leaderboards.

Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring have each received their own leaderboard, allowing players to strive to specialize and maintain dominance in a single battleground or aim to take the leaderboards by storm and top them all! For more information on the Counterpunch update for TERA, check out the dedicated update page. Gender equality is here in TERA, and it is now time to brawl and kick some serious asses!