Secret World Legends – Dawn of the Morninglight brings the fight against evil to South Africa

[Play free now] The next chapter of Secret World Legends’ epic storyline is here! For the first time since Funcom’s modern-day MMORPG went from the subscription-based The Secret World to the Free-to-Play Secret World Legends, Funcom is now adding a free story update that continues the already epic storyline and expands into a whole new location: South Africa. Dawn of the Morninglight launches as a free content update on 4 April 2018.

Up until now, players have visited New England, Egypt, and Transylvania, battling monsters drawn straight out of the myths, urban legends, and nightmares. In South Africa, players must infiltrate the secretive cult, Morninglight. While rising up within their ranks, players will experience a brand new, fully voice-acted storyline where they must battle creatures inspired by ancient South African folklore and uncover the sinister truths of the cult.