TERA – Male Brawler class confirmed for upcoming Counterpunch update

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment released details for the next free content update for their flagship action MMORPG, TERA. Titled “Counterpunch” and scheduled for release on 13 March, the key new feature will be the addition of the Brawler class for male Human characters. While the class mechanics (skills and abilities) remain identical and Brawlers will continue to pummel foes with their signature massive powerfists and punch-and-counter combat rhythm, male brawlers will feature their own unique ability animations.

The Counterpunch update also heralds the return of the Ruinous Manor dungeon in both its normal and hard mode, with fresh balance changes to provide a challenge for players looking for a more casual dungeon experience and those who seek to put their skills to the test. Battlegrounds in TERA will receive a brand new leaderboard system, with players able to check their personal rankings directly from the main menu to see how they stack up to the competition. Seasons for these leaderboards are currently planned to last for 28 days.