Melodic Million Arthur – Square Enix lays out 2018 plans for Million Arthur mobile titles

The Million Arthur series is perhaps one of Square Enix’s surprise breakout IP in recent years, and the developer has laid out its 2018 plans for the series. First, there is Rebellious (Han-Gyaku-Sei) Million Arthur, a mobile MMORPG co-developed with Chinese powerhouse NetEase. While yet to launch in China after Closed Beta, Square Enix confirmed the game will land in Japan this year as well. This is also known as MA3, or Million Arthur 3 by some.

Next is the latest game in the series, Melodic (Kou-Kyou-Sei) Million Arthur. This is a mobile action RPG, which is different from the other 2 games (MMORPG and card-collection RPG). Rather than focused on Arthur, it seems this new entry is focused on the Knights of the Round Table. Not much is known now other than the characters and their voice actors.

Finally, an update to version 2.5 for the current active game, Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur, is in the works. If we are not wrong, there is currently no English version available. It seems only the first Million Arthur game got localized into English. Square Enix did promise to continue supporting Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur with new content even after the 2 sequels are launched. The highlight trailer only showed the logo though… More news next month!