Rebellious Million Arthur – Mizuki Nana performs theme song for new mobile MMORPG

First revealed back in March this year, Rebellious Million Arthus (unofficial translation) is an upcoming mobile MMORPG co-developed by Square Enix and China’s NetEase. A Japanese game at its core despite launching exclusively in China (for now), the game’s theme song was officially revealed with a video package. Famed idol singer Mizuki Nana lends her voice to the song, along with 3D cinematic. Rebellious Million Arthur has yet to get a launch date.

According to the game website, there are 6 playable characters in Rebellious Million Arthur, each carrying a different title and accompanied by a unique support fairy. There is still the gacha system, where players draw different character cards (mostly females). These are equipped as either the normal attack or into the 4 skill slots. Stay tuned for updates!