The Jams – Popular Taiwanese singer confirms opening of esports organization

Teased last week, popular Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾) yesterday announced the formation of this own esports organization, The Jams. Supported by Hong Kong-based investment holding company China Digital Culture Group, Jam Hsiao promised a minimal annual salary of NTD 1 million (around USD 34,000) for all its competitors. During the media conference, The Jams also donated NTD 2 million (around USD 68,000) towards the relief efforts of the devastating earthquake which happened in the tourist city of Hualien.

The management team of The Jams proceeded to ensure that all competitors will undergo strict rules to stay healthy, including regular body checks, a well-balanced diet, and also be taught on how to represent the organization positively in public and on social media. Continuing education and post-career options are also something which The Jams will provide for all team members. No details were made on which games The Jams will participate in, nor were any players introduced. Stay tuned for more esports updates!