Netmarble – Project M and Seven Knights for Nintendo Switch revealed

Similar to NCsoft, Netmarble recently announced its latest financial status to the public and its shareholders. While the overall revenue went up for Q4 2017, the operating and net profits went down, most probably due to increased operating costs and several investments in other companies. I wouldn’t really read too much into these minor decreases, as Netmarble remains one of the biggest and most profitable games companies in Asia.

On to the actual gaming news! As you might have known, developer Jam City is creating the mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Just a heads up that Jam City is a subsidiary of Netmarble after getting USD 130 million investment from the Korean giant.

Project M is actually a new mobile game based on Magic: The Gathering! Based on the massive IP created by Wizards of the Coast, the unnamed game is being developed by Netmarble Monster, an internal studio which previously made games such as Star Wars: Force Arena, Marvel: Future Fight, Raven, and several other mobile titles. Good resume!

Project M players will get to choose their Planeswalker, modify their deck of creatures and spells, and show off their creativity and strategy as they battle across the planes of the MTG Multiverse. Each creature and Planeswalker will be fully animated as they race across the battlefield to defeat their opponent. Stay tuned for more details as launch gets closer!

Finally, Netmarble also confirmed it is preparing to launch Seven Knights for Nintendo Switch this year. Netmarble is not rejecting the idea of the game appearing on other consoles, but it will first launch on Switch and further developments will then be planned. Netmarble hinted at new games based on Seven Knight being developed other than the upcoming sequel, but mentioned it is not the time to reveal them. What could they be?

Other games mentioned were the ones from G-Star 2017, along with lesser known mobile games outside of South Korea such as Stone Age MMORPG, and new titles such as Knights of the Round Table, First Born, Teria Saga, a mobile RPG based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga, The King of Fighter All Star, Yokai Watch Medal Wars, Fishing Strike and a few others. Netmarble is also working on new AI games and expanding existing game IPs to more platforms, such as consoles and Windows PC (Steam was specifically mentioned).