Heroes Duty – Quick look at apparent Overwatch clone for mobile devices

Last year, the internet raged about a mobile clone version of the popular Overwatch, Legend of Titan. While the fate of the game is currently unknown, recently a mobile FPS entered Closed Beta in China, with the skills and settings looking oddly similar to those found in Overwatch. Roughly translated as Heroes Duty, there are currently 15 heroes available, all feeling very familiar.


For extra info, Heroes Duty is developed by a studio named Dream of Dragons Games, and this is apparently its first game launch. There is even a support character whose design is seemingly based off League of Legends’ Twisted Fate, with an unlicensed Dr Strange skin being worked on as well! There are a few gameplay modes, including Control, Escort, and Assault among others.


Combat in Heroes Duty is rather simplified and convenient, as there is an automated mode where normal attacks begin when the crosshair is placed on any enemy. To be honest, we are not sure if Heroes Duty will run into trouble with Blizzard and NetEase based on the game designs, but it would definitely be a gauge of how the 2 companies are going to protect the Overwatch IP.