Fate/Grand Order – English version lands in North America and Canada

First announced back in April, Aniplex has finally launched the highly-anticipated mobile game, Fate/Grand Order! Based on the popular Japanese visual novel by Type-Moon, and the popular Fate/stay night series, the strategy RPG is currently available on Google Play and App Store, though the official launch is only in North America and Canada. There is always the APK you could download.


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Fate/Grand Order is one of the most successful mobile role-playing game in Japan, consistently featured on the Top Downloads and Top Grossing charts. Players will become Masters, and together with Heroic Spirits (also known as Servants) they embark on a journey to the past called Grand Order. The epic story and exciting battle system come together as the ‘greatest Holy Grail War in history.


Many famous creators and artists have been invited to participate in the creation of the game. Such contributors include Takashi Takeuchi (illustrator) and Kinoko Nasu (writer) of TYPE-MOON as well as a lot of internationally famous voice actors. The epic story contains both a main scenario as well as many character scenarios, which come together in a tale that is more than one million words.