Legend of Titan – Overwatch clone developer claims innocence

A few weeks back, screenshots and a gameplay video leaked online, showing a clone of popular team-based shooter, Overwatch. The culprit is identified as a developer from China, showcasing the game as “Legend of Titan” at a local game conference. Chinese gaming website, 265G, managed to conduct an interview with the development team last week, and below are the summarized details.



Basic info: The studio claimed the version of Legend of Titan shown at the trade show is just a technical prototype of their “real game”, which is 50% in development phase. They used Overwatch characters and map layout to showcase how such a competitive game can be done on web browsers and mobile devices. At launch, Legend of Titan “will not have a single element related to Overwatch.”

Q: What kind of business model will Legend of Titan use?

A: Legend of Titan will be Free-to-Play with in-game purchases. It will be a “fair, interesting, and unique competitive game.”

Q: Will Legend of Titan compete with Overwatch on the PC and console platforms?

A: With the Free-to-Play model, our game’s core systems will be fundamentally different from Overwatch. The final art style will be more familiar to Chinese gamers. Legend of Titan will be launched on web browsers and mobile devices, accommodating users with less powerful systems. Hence, the only similarity with Overwatch will be the competitive FPS genre.

Q: How much fund has been invested into this project?

A: The previous project, we had a capital of around 2.7 million USD. Project Titan’s investment will not be lower than 2.3 million USD.

Legend of Titan team lead