Legend of Titan – Internet rages over mobile clone of Overwatch

As you might have read over the past day, the first clone of Blizzard’s upcoming online team shooter, Overwatch, has surfaced in China (no surprises), loosely translated as “Legend of Titan.” A mobile game, it was first shown at the 13th edition of a game trade show held in Shenzhen, China, back in mid May. Legend of Titan was also touted by its developer as “world’s first FPS + MOBA game.”



The detail of the developer is currently not very clear, but it appears to be 西安火神网络科技有限公司, a little-known games company which started making web games from 2014. Well, not that anyone cares, but perhaps the legal eagles will have a field day digging them out. According to the presentation slides, over USD 2 million has been invested. It is hard to believe the sum is real.
Legend of Titan image 0
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After reading hundreds of comments in various gaming forums in China, the majority of the users are not surprised at the clone, but shocked about how the game was being presented publicly at an event attended by hundreds of gaming veterans during a period where games intellectual properties are being scrutinized by the government. I doubt Legend of Titan will truly see the light of day.

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