Overwatch – Top Korean player accused of hacking displays her skills

[Source] With Overwatch now the top PC bang game in South Korea, tournaments around the game are getting serious attention. Gegury, a 17 year old female player with an obscenely high KDA (6.31) and win-rate (80% with 420 games played), was accused by competitive teams of hacking in scrims and in tournaments (her team beat the “powerhouses”). An official complaint was lodged with Blizzard.


Blizzard did follow-up with the complaint, and cleared Gegury of all hacking suspicions. Subsequently, Gegury went on stage and stream live with mouse/screen camera showing herself playing some awesome rounds of Overwatch. She apparently cried during the stream, saying she’s been under a lot of stress over the last few days because of the accusations and how she could have played better.

Overwatch screenshot 1