Dragon Nest – New Heretic class teased during Japan server event

Over the weekend, the Japan publisher of Dragon Nest, Hangame, held the annual “Thank You” fan event to celebrate the game’s 6th anniversary. During the live presentation, the new class known as “Heretic” was teased, which is the special class advancement for Cleric. Similar to the Avenger and Silver Hunter, Heretic is a “gaiden” class, with “awakening” replacing class advancement.

Dragon Nest Japan - Heretic class teaser image

According to the presentation, Heretic is the polar opposite of Cleric, having faith in darkness rather than light. The weapon of choice is a whip sword (woah), which will extend its range during combat, giving the class control of both close and mid range enemies. Developer Eyedentity Games, present at the live event, did not mention a release schedule for the Heretic class. Stay tuned for updates!

Dragon Nest Japan - 6th anniversary fan event