Dragon Nest – Vandar class arrives in Korean server of action MMORPG

Yesterday, the Korean server of Dragon Nest added its first new character in 5 years, Vandar. Wielding a Battle Sword and Wrist Bow, Vandar is adapt at both melee and ranged combat. When the requirements are met, he can choose a unique job advancement which allows him to select which of the 2 weapons he wants to focus more on. The Taiwan server of Dragon Nest is also set to welcome Vandar in the coming weeks. Both the SEA + EU and US servers have yet to make any announcements, but Vandar has been teased for SEA.

Seen below is the current job advancement path for Vandar, who progresses into Treasure Hunter before having to select between Duelist (focus on physical melee damage) or Trickster (focus on magical ranged damage). Along with the introduction of Vandar, the graphics of Dragon Nest has been upgraded by developer Eyedentity Games in this update, along with new dungeons and level up events for new players. Stay tuned for more news!