Dragon Nest 2 – Quick look at starting gameplay for mobile sequel to hit action MMORPG

So, Dragon Nest 2 launched last week in China under the publishing guidance of Tencent Games and developer Shengqu Games (formerly Shanda Games). The mobile MMORPG has been doing very good thus far, soaring up the download charts including the official iOS one in China. As an official sequel to the PC version of Dragon Nest, the big new changes include a true open world and dual genders for all classes (just for Priest right now). You can expect plenty of PVE and PVP features typically found in Asian MMO mobile titles too.

Due to latency issues caused by overloaded servers, and the fact that I am getting to the age where manual-control action combat on a mobile screen is too tiring (there is auto combat, but there is too much manual dodging required), I did not get far into the game. Dragon Nest 2 is indeed different from World of Dragon Nest, and the storyline does inform players about the past lore and that we are now in the future. I doubt that Dragon Nest 2 will launch overseas, but we can all hope. Stay tuned to MMO Culture when that happens!