World of Dragon Nest – Game update arrives with new skills, dungeons, and more

Nexon Thailand recently released the brand-new June update for its mobile MMORPG, World of Dragon Nest, with a new server, new skills, new dungeons, and more! According to the official news, here are some of the new content players can expect right now:

● New server: Karas

● Over 24 new skills for 6 Classes (4 skills for each class) at level 80 and level 100

● New “Time & Space mode” which includes Hagen and Sea Dragon (Hardcore Difficulty)

● New Event Dungeon: Wonderful Racing II for Dragon Slayers to enjoy pet competition in Angry Coast and receive new item rewards

● New Legend and Unique rarity items, such as “Absolute” at level 100 (Legend), “Prophet” at level 100 (Unique), and “Dragon Jade” (Legend)

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Besides these awesome highlights from the new patch update, there are exclusive events for World of Dragon Nest players both veteran and new!

Level Jumping Event

▶ Event Schedule: 18 June – 2 July 2020
▶ Terms & Conditions: All players can participate except the new server “Karas”
▶ Details:
1. Users must register to join the Level Jumping Event.
2. 1 Character per 1 ID (only Level 1-69).
3. The maximum level to reach from the event is level 70.

New Players Support Event

▶ Event Schedule: 18 June – 2 July 2020
▶ Details: Any user that has created a new character during the event are eligible to get free items worth over 2,200 Diamond.

“Karas” New Server Level Challenge Event

▶ Event Schedule: 18-25 June 2020
▶ Terms & Conditions: Players in Karas server only
▶ Details: If the character is able to reach a certain level, Gold and Red Diamond would be provided for players.

“Karas” New Server Hot-Time Event

▶ Event Schedule: 18-25 June 2020
▶ Terms & Conditions: Applicable to every servers
▶ Details:
1. Increased EXP and drop rate x2 when killing monsters in the field
2. Increased items received rate from mining x2 in the field