Age of Wushu – More details for upcoming game expansion in China

Age of Wushu is getting a mega content expansion in China on 8th August, and I have previously posted about the game engine upgrade and the new Jianghu region (along with new gameplay features). In this post, I will add on some content which I have missed, and man the game is looking to turn out great.

Age of Wushu - China server update image

1. A trailer for the upcoming new Jianghu region was uploaded, where the new maps and unique designs were shown. The environments are exceptionally beautiful, but given the new survival-mode gameplay features, I doubt players will have a leisurely time admiring the surroundings.


2. Known as Forbidden Instances in the English server, there will be 6 new instanced dungeons as well. A couple of them are tied to the new playable schools (more below), and according to the official info, they are all not that easy, averaging around 4 out of 5 difficulty.

Age of Wushu - China server new Forbidden Instance 1 Age of Wushu - China server new Forbidden Instance 2

3. Player housing! This feature is mostly found in Western and Korean games, but from what I remember, seldom in China-developed titles. The features are quite similar, where trophies from Jianghu or crafted-furnitures (materials from Jianghu) can be used to decorated the interior.

According to the official info, players can actually sit, sleep and even shower in their own houses, although the exact benefits were not stated. There is even the very-Asian fengshui system (or geomancy), where the “correct” positioning of items will provide owners with unknown “buffs”. Sounds really awesome!


Friends of the house owners can pay visits, while also help to repair the house’s durability. Strangers can force themselves in, and make a mess of the place, reducing the durability. A special NPC can be hired to restore the house as well, while providing equipment-related services. Ready to get a house?

There are 5 types of houses, with the basics being Grass, Wood and Bricks. The special ones are Stone and Cave. There are a couple of strict restrictions as well for owning a house, but due to translation issues, I shall not confuse you folks. And yes, houses can be auctioned off to other players!

Age of Wushu - China server new housing system

4. What is an expansion without new skills? Even more famous skills from wuxia novels will make their appearances, and I am seeing 1 skill which is based on Western fencing. Interesting!


5. 8 new playable schools are coming, with 4 already been revealed via the Chinese media. The original names in Chinese are 古墓派, 血刀门, 长风镖局 and 念萝坝. Gamers like me should be more familiar with 古墓派 (Ancient Tomb Sect)), which is the school 小龙女 (Little Dragon Girl) comes from (The Return of the Condor Heroes).

Age of Wushu - China server new schools

2 new art pieces for the new schools have been shown as well (below), and I believe the one with the lady in white represents Ancient Tomb Sect (only virgin females are allowed if I remember correctly). The expansion, 侠客行, is shaping up to be the most epic updates in Asian MMO history!

Age of Wushu - China server new school artwork 1 Age of Wushu - China server new school artwork 2